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“As an advocate over the past five decades for closer cooperation between the arts in therapy and education, I support the efforts of Melissa Masters to integrate these domains that have been so persistently separate. I hope this creative curriculum helps to make a bridge and provide an opening that will benefit young people and infuse the vitality of the arts into organizations that serve them. I identify closely with the vision informing this work and the author’s commitment to the intelligence of creative expression and its cultivation as a reliable way to advance life within an interdependent world community.”


Shaun McNiff, Professor- Lesley University, Author; Integrating the Arts in Therapy: History, Theory, and Practice and many other books, Past President- American Art Therapy Association


“This book is a valuable, comprehensive learning program for empowering youth as they grow toward maturity. Masters' has developed forty lessons related to the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual self- weaving together a rich variety of expressive arts activities that can help children and adults gain personal insight. Dedicated facilitators will provide a profound service that uplifts society by educating students in the art of life.”


Natalie Rogers, Ph.D., REAT, Founder- Person-Centered Expressive Arts Therapy, Author; The Creative Connection for Groups: Person-Centered Expressive Arts for Healing and Social Change



"This book offers a collection of words of wisdom, life skills, activities, artistic expression, and personal reflection. This holistic curriculum is designed to guide students in their important work of self-discovery. Masters' has thoughtfully created this professional facilitator guide so that students can understand their basic natures of love and how to harmonize their bodies, minds, emotions, and spirits. What a gift to offer our children!”


Sonnie McFarland, Author; Honoring the Light of the Child, Teacher of Peace Education, 2011 Living Legacy Award- American Montessori Association


“This book is a thoroughgoing take on learning about oneself, education, and the future. This makes it clear that education is not just a science or formula, but an art!”


Jerry Mintz, Author, Speaker, Founder/Director- Alternative Education Resource Organization



"New findings in brain research and cognitive science support all that Masters' so brilliantly elucidates in her introduction about the importance of a more holistic education for our children, and the nurturing of creativity and imagination. This curriculum and facilitator’s guide is truly a gift, an invaluable tool for educators; profound, at times luminous...and yet thoroughly practical. It is intelligent and beautifully designed. For children fortunate enough to be taught in this way, there will be a lifetime of benefits.”


Suzanne Dove, LMFT, Marriage and Family Therapist, School Counselor


“Melissa Masters has used her years of expertise in education and art therapy to design a practical and inspirational guide for our youth to explore and cultivate their creative potential. This book is an exceptional resource for therapists, counselors, and life coaches. This creative curriculum explores physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual growth, and provides a stimulating learning experience for both students and facilitators.”


Terri Goslin-Jones, Ph.D., REACE, Creativity Studies Lead Faculty- Saybrook University, Co-Chair- Expressive Arts Therapy Association/ Professional Standards Committee


“This curriculum of self-exploration will be a welcome addition to learner-based schools. It uses Maria Montessori’s philosophy of “follow the child,” in that students can explore the lessons (which are based on self-inquiry) as deep as they choose. An outstanding contribution for students and our schools.”


Ann Gavey, International Montessori Teacher Trainer, Montessori School owner


“Masters' has created a much needed  enrichment program for the youth of today. With all the technological devices available to them, children and young adults are not acquiring the necessary skills and understanding that are contained in this book. Using this step-by-step guide, therapists, counselors, and teachers will be able to assist students in understanding themselves  through the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of who they are, and enable them to better relate to others.”


Sandra Billings, Ph.D., Professor: Neag School of Education- University of Connecticut



“This book is a definitive and specific work that utilizes the creative process as a force for good. Finally, here is an innovative program for youth that addresses my pet peeve (more a raging dislike): the loss of human potential. Masters’ guide is a clear map for facilitators to apply a cure for the disease of soul loss. Loaning it out risks never seeing it again!”


Anthony Dallman-Jones, Ph.D., Author, Artist, Professor of At-Risk Education- Marian University


“Melissa Masters’ book is an excellent contribution for holistic education. Her imaginative curriculum provides fun useful tools for students of all ages. These valuable tools will enhance creativity and creative thinking, promote healthy ways to express feelings, and explore new possibilities. Masters’ book is for expressive arts therapists, educators, or anyone interested in learning how to spark creative self-expression and empowerment in children through art.”


Sue Ann Herron, Ph.D., Director PCEA Institute, Executive Faculty Person-Centered Expressive Arts Therapy Program- Saybrook and Meridian Universities


“The author has honed in on a profoundly insightful way at tapping into the very heart of our children’s natural curiosity and abilities through their own uniqueness. A beautiful means through which they can express themselves in a way that develops the self-confidence they need in order to navigate throughout their life experiences. And what a powerful way for those who would be their teachers to be inspired, and guide their students to create lives with purpose and meaning.”


Dr. Regina J. Dekker, MscD., PsyThD., Authentic Living Ministries, Spiritual Life Coach, Holistic Energy Therapist   

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